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Show/Item Reviewed: 416 vs. 905, June 16th, 2000 @ the elMocambo/"Five Across the Eye" demo tape.

Review: Five Across The Eye "Demo"- Five Across The Eye are a local band hailing from the suburbs of Toronto. They play a blend of ska, punk and hardcore that comes off sounding like a more hardcore Assorted Jellybeans with a definite Operation Ivy influence. I bought this tape after seeing the band tear shit up live, and although the tape doesn't have the same energy as their live show, it is still very good. If you have the chance to see these guys live, take it. You will not be disappointed. And after you've been blown away pick up this tape. The tape has 9 songs, and the band sells it for $4 at shows and it's definitely worth it.

Reviewed by: Jason Hawkins @ Stain Resistant Zine

Show/Item Reviewed: The Band based on mp3s and webpage.

Review: These four guys from Canada are playing a great blend of punk and ska though they go without any horns or stuff like that. Together with the singers voice this results in an awesome sound like Operation Ivy used to play. Anyway Five Across The Eye have an unique style you should check out!

Reviewed by: Andreas Waschinkski (Wascha) @

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