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Sept 11, 1999 @ Who's Emma. with NBC, 8-E-D and Mugshot. our first show, good kids good bands good time. It was also our first and last time with Gary.

Nov. 7th 1999 @ the Reverb with Mugshot, Lucky Number 7, TOE, Human Zero and Monty from Spinecracker. Weird story, it was a botched Buck-O-Nine show and we were asked by mugshot to play and help salvage it so we went on without our bassplayer who supposedly couldn't make it. Ten minutes after we finished who shows up? none other than Jared Unreliable himself!

Nov. 27th 1999 @ Who's Emma. Benny Baby's Birthday Bash. with: Excretion, the Heatskores, Ripple, Labrat, 8-E-D, Eyes Wide Shut. Another great who's Emma show. Hasebe's other band, Definite Choice (rip) was supposed to play but their drummer sold them out that day.

March 11 2000 @ Bloor JCC with Ann Beretta, Jersey, The Stiffs and Lucky Number 7
This was one of our best shows, no doubt. All the bands played extremly well, especially Anne Beretta. A big thanx goes out to Eric from Whacked Out for getting us on this great bill.

May 14th @ the Kathedral. with Lucky Number 7, TOE, Jerk Bank, Johnny Toothpick, 3 O'clock Oaktree, Pooched, Lost Cause, Where we Stand, Stimulated Bacon and others. Great show!!! A big thanx goes out from us to all the kids for getting up and dancing around!! That's what makes it so much fun to play. hope to seeya all at our next show!

May 21st Victoria day bash hosted by Karma Virya with Eww...You're a girl and girls suck, Youthanasia and others. @ the Kathedral, Doors @ 5, $6. Interesting show. It was a grunge rock show with an emo band (new found interest in conneticut) and us, a ska punk trio. nevertheless we had a blast and we found it really cool to experience another scene that we rarely see.

June 10th, Who's Emma benefit @ Who's Emma. $5 dollars at the door, doors @ 4. the Tirekickers, Eww...You're a Girl and Girls Suck, 2 stroke Finish, Not Withstanding, 420 Club and more. Yet Another Who's Emma show but this time it wasn't just hot, it was HOT. Holy shit, we were about to die in there. Thank you to the two or three people who actually got up and danced, now that's crazy.

June 16th, 2000 @ the Elmocombo. 416 vs 905 ska/punk show with Spinecracker, Jersey, Lucky Number 7, Johnny Toothpick, two-face, questionable sushi, 420 Club, Jerk Circus, and 2 Stroke Finish. Doors @ 6, $7. This show had to have the best lineup I've seen for a local show in ages. It was awesome. The whole 416 versus 905 thing was great, really livened up the night with the jokes and good humoured rivalry. And a big thanx goes out to our bros from Johnny Toothpick, not only can they play great ska but they organize a damn good show!

July 30th 10 HOURS OF PUNK/SKA/HC, Who's Emma benefit @ the Reverb/Kathedral, $10, doors @ 3. WITH: Spinecracker, Sector Seven, Dirty Bird, Shitloads of Fuckall, Disgruntled Postalworkers, Closet Monster, Twoface, Cut-Off, United Youth Crew, Daeve, Jerkbank, Next in Line, Full Blast, Johnny Toothpick, 2 Stroke Finish, Vermin,
this show was fucking awesome. I've never seen a more diverse mix of kids, from older crusty street punx, to youth crew, to emo kids, to everybody. I know it's not cool to segragate like that but it was hell cool to see them all having a blast together. thanx ben for putting us on the bill.

August 2nd @ Who's Emma, PUNKNIC 2, the Heatskores, NRE, Labrat, Esknillo, Head on Collision, matinee probably around 2 PM. cheap. This was out of hand, we played last and it was the typical who's emma heat...But Eksnillo, HC from montreal was fucking amazing, you have to see this band.

Sept. 8th with the Syphloids, Constible Brennan, and more @ B.D.D. Studios, 15 Beldia Rd. (Kipling and Horner). This show was small but tonnes of fun. We loved the venue, an old abandoned wharehouse turned into a practice space.

Punktoberfest 2000/October 27th with Heatskores, Mugshot, The Tirekickers, Cloudy Day project, mulliganz, and more @ Newmarket Youth Centre. This show was Awesome, there hadn't been a good newmarket show in AGES but fuck, Ryan Webb brought them back in huge way. The place was packed and Adam P. proved himself.

Dec. 27th @ the Reverb. with Sassing Mackenzie (good bye show), Kickback and more. Doors @ 5, $5 at the door. Brian wasn't there and Sassing Mackenzie stole the show and then asked us to play last. Thanx to the people who watched me and a highly intoxicated Jared screw up. Thanx to Ramiro for offering the pizza and thanx Mike D for filling in on drums. Sassing Mackenzie will be missed.

March 24 '01 @ the Bloor JCC. Ska-Punk Co-Op benefit show. Doors at 7:30 price was $5. Lucky Number Seven, Constable Brennan, us, Demoralized, and nightshift. This show was held in a small room in the JCC, opposed to the huge gymnasium we played before. It was a great tight environment. Nathan didn't play guitar becuase of his wrist but Adam took care of all six strings nicely. This was one of the funnest shows we've played.

June 27th @ Playmate Billiards. Doors around 7ish, I totally forget the price. Uhh.. Spinecracker and the heatskores played, as well as not just noodles and a few others. This is being written a few months since the show, so many details are forgotten, but overall it was a cool show.

July 24th @ Playmate Billiards. A lot of new bands on this bill which had not previously been seen or heard of by the band. We ended off the show, and it went alright. Good to see lots of new and upcoming talent.

August 11th @ the Kathedral. Refugee benefit show with Spinecracker, Lucky Number Seven, Good Skamaritans, The Heatskores, Constable Brennan, and Jerkbank. Amazing bill here, and everyone had a shit load of fun, even though some spent many hours at warped tour during the day.

August 17th @ Bloor JCC. Anti-Fun Benefit show, with Dead Letter Dept., The Moops, Oliver Kinky, CH, Forever Comes Crashing and H.O.C. Great show, and a great turnout. Set was postponed to the end, which was cool though cause people stuck around. Great representation during Santeria, including the stage being rushed, and Nathan getting some help from some Sublime fans.

August 24th @ Bloor JCC. *Cancelled due to a leg injury, and other various reasons*

September 28th @ Planet Kensington *1 band played, then the show was shut down due to 19+ rules*

November 4th @ The Button Factory in Waterloo, with The Heatskores, Nightshift, The Sallys and The Detrimentals. This was the furthest show we've played so far, but it was well worth it. Great venue and location, and well orgainzed. All the bands played great, and it was good to see a large amount of people show up from the Toronto area.

November 17th @ The Vandorf Community Centre with Leftover Crack, The Heatskores, Constable Brennan, LO Exotic percussion and flutes, and Beware of the Valley. Amazing show, well orgainzed and it was awesome to see Leftover Crack in a smaller venue close to home. All the bands played amazing, especially LOC who played Choking Victim favorites as well. Thanks goes out to Josh for having us on the bill and puttin all this shit together.

December 2nd @ The Kathedral. 'Punk Rawk Night' with Inept, Brave Dancing Sushi, Cheap Suits, and Fallout Boy. Overall good show, and quite a good turnout for a Sunday night and such.

December 22nd @ Port Dover. *Ended up in Balls Falls/Vineland??? instead, due to some confusing dark roads*

January 11th 2002 @ Ed Video in Guelph. Couple of bands played, including the Heatskores and The Next Best Thing. Pretty cool venue and what not, and a good show overall.

March 22nd @ Spotlight Theatre in Newmarket. First local show of the new year for us, and was a good one at that. First night of Punks Against Racism 4, featuring Constable Brennan, Beware of the Valley, Not Just Noodles, Velvet Tusk, Abandon All Hope, and more. Really good turn-out, and was a fun show to play. The Metal/Rock that Velvet Tusk brought was pretty cool as well.

April 6th @ Spotlight Theatre in Newmarket, with Not Just Noodles, the Heatskores and GADJITS (and more). Awesome show, Gadjits were amazing. Really awesome to see Josh continually bringing such distant talent to the local scene.

April 27th @ Spotlight Theatre in Newmarket, with the Heatskores, Pylons, Beware of the Valley, N.J.N, C.A.P, Suburban Underdog, Short Notice and more. Pretty good show, set was cut a little short, but other than that it was all good. Brian filled in on drums for the Heatskores, and Nathan sang some C.V with them as well.

May 11th @ Elmvale Community Centre. First out of town show since January or so, and it was a pretty cool one. Nathan is a legend in this town, and there are wild duck/turkeys (durkeys) there. Greg Baksi was our stand in merch seller and brought a good morale all around! Anyway(s), Jared didnt make it up to this one, but the music went on and things went fairly well. A cool place to play, with good local support.

June 15th @ Uxbridge Music Hall, with: B.F.S, Holden Caufields, Phat Bastard, Wrektal Insanity, Heatskores, Metal Eddies and Beware of the Valley. Well organized show with good set times and all that stuff. Lots of drunk kids in Uxbridge.

June 21st @ Presto with Angry Agency, Silent Majority, FCC and more.

July 13th @ Spotlight Theatre School, with: A whole lot of bands. Josh's birthday show, went all day with lots of variety and such.

August 10/11th @ a campground in Hillsdale. Freedom fest show that lasted a whole weekend. Bands played from all over, and we ended up playing at about 2 am. There was still a great crowd around, and everyone was havin shit loads of fun. Amazing sound, and the show went extremly well.

August 25th @ Zen Lounge in Toronto. Dollfazed zine show, with Maximum RnR, FCC, Newfound Interest In Conneticut, and more. Afternoon show, but a good crowd and a good show overall.

August 28th @ 395 Harry Walker Parkway in Newmarket. Last show of the summer, and for a while due to school and such. Fun show, some amp problems, but that didnt matter in the end.

*please note: this does not include school things, battle's of the bands etc.