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Oct 1 - Alright. It is now October. This is a good thing and a bad (getting colder) thing. It is good because i love Halloween, i like it a lot. Fall is a great season and can have a good feeling on the senses know with the nice coloured leaves and the brisk autumn air. It may be safe to say that i almost like a fall night as much as a summer night, but that is both irrelevant and pointless. So back on the cultural theory train we go. Today was mall day, and what a day it was. First off, i had a Arby's bacon and swiss chicken sandwich, which was good because i hadn't had one in years. I found it funny how many people looked at us sitting on the benches with a binder. I guess some people felt that we were taking notes on them, or judging them - no one likes to be judged. I'm not gonna go into too much detail on the mall now though, because it will be talked about enough in the future I am sure. Today I watched a little MTV with some chums in the good old family room. I couldn't believe that there is a show based on Jessica Simpson and her 98 degrees husband. It is the stupidest thing I have ever seen, and the weakest concept. Do people watch this on a regular basis and take it seriously. I mean i could see people watching because Jessica is so incredibly stupid and a huge whiner, but other than that it is complete cultural garbage (things sound more relevent if 'cultural' is used as an adjective). She could not figure out how a mouse could end up in a pool, and repeaditly complained about having to 'go pee'. Anyways, it was great to see such a role model in her everyday life. I hope i have a daughter who looks up to such bright and inspirational current state dictates that Outkast's Hey Ya is the most original popular song out there now (mad hand claps), i cant wait till it gets played to death.....(note: sarcasm)

Oct 4 - Walking. Somewhere in either lecture or tutorial, walking came up. It had to do with the discussion of Benjamin and the flanneur. The question arrose : "Who here likes to walk?". This is what i remembered as i walked to the Weldon library on this brisk Saturday morning, with the taste of tequila and lemons still burried in my mouth from the night before. I love to walk. It was a staple of my suburban reckless teenage days. Walking to and fro from friends houses and other areas we would hang out in, and i still enjoy it today. When think of my first year here, and the month or so that has passed in second year, i realize that many of my best memories are from walking. It is not the what i do before the bar or the party that i remember, or the actual destination itself. The small talk in the crowded bars is not what I remember. What i remember is the long walks home from the destination. The time spent with a handful of close friends, all heading to the same place, running into the same things on the way home. It is the long walk in the cold, bitter winter with a slice of Stobes' pizza. It is the falling into hedges, trying to get into churches, taking breaks in the snow, watching the drunkard of the group pass out in flower beds, the random discussions, the minor run-ins with the police, the violence unleashed on road signs, the singing of Gordon Lightfoot songs....this is what i remember. The best times, with your best friends, free of the chaos and the fakeness left behind with 50 cent and Sean Paul at the bar. These are the experiences that make a good night better, the experiences that are missed if you choose to split a cab home. The random decision to foot it from G.T's to Sarnia and Castlegrove, or Med-Syd, lead to random experiences. Random experiences that are priceless.

Oct 6 - Well it looks like i am keeping somewhat up to date with these things. I don't mind these things. I am sick of the internet these days, so when on it, it  is so easy to quickly run one of these off, especially if i like what im talking about. The incredible amount of work i currently have has led me to fall behind in regards to the library of 204 readings that exist. I do know however that space, and the 'underground' or tunnels for the slower of the bunch, was recently discussed. I think that if you don't like the Canadian climate, and wish to live in tunnels, then you should live in a tunnel....way under the ground, far away from me. That, or move to Florida and play bingo with all the retired 'elderly' people that migrate there. The outdoors is beutiful, and being inside too much truely does suck. It sucks as much as a lot of the spelling on here does......yesterday i walked in a park and it was nice, and it had a creek in it, and the weather was nice. Today i stayed in libraries and class rooms, and the air was stale, and the atmosphere was dull. I think my time and place is somewhere near that of Lord of the Rings. I think i should be in the forests, hunting down the common evil, just as the crazy and groovy characters of the book (and the latter movie) do. I guess tunnels can be good sometimes though, if you're a gopher, or drastically need to avoid something outside. But...really though, enjoy the fresh air while it is still here, and we are not plagued with massive amounts of toxic smog and mutated birds, and all that crazy stuff.

Oct 8 - Before trying to form some sort of thesis for the enigma that is 236, I will do one last 'special thanksgiving' edition of this ongoing concoction of jarble (so made up). I really don't have too much to say right now, but it amuses me to write things down. Yesterday's class was kinda high on the whack scale. I wasn't particularly aroused by the talking guy on the choppy real player, nor the 3D world. I don't mean to be too criticial, and i appreciate the ideas behind both of the examples, but i dunno.....I don't think I'd like to search around in that environment for pictures of sexy philosophers and all. I think I would rather have the info more readily available. I am boring myself to death right now, and that is not the point of this. At least i am not a turkey right now. Imagine the cultural theory of a turkey around thanksgiving...just something to think about. If I have any pre-holiday advice for anyone, it is to listen to some albums you haven't listened to in a while. I recently did this with a Link 80 disc that I forgot I had, and it was the best thing ever. So if you're not a turkey, take my advice, and if you are...well good luck to you.

Oct 16 - Well, the impossible has happened and I have finished my onslaught of assignments on time. My feelings of accomplishment will soon be drowned in $2.75 pints, and I can't wait. So I haven't written anything in a while, and there is lots to talk about, including lesbien romance novels - but that will have to wait because i'm not really an expert on the subject...but i do like the covers. So over the thanksgiving break I went with the fam' to check out The Eagles. After the said concert, it got me thinking of time and space (may be more of a 202 concept, but what is a number really?). I got thinking of this because everyone from different age groups gathered  to hear the 3.5 hours of songs played that night. It also made me realize how much of an effect some songs from one's childhood can affect them later in life. For instance I am sure a number of people have a sentimental connection to albums such as the Dirty Dancing or Top Gun soundtracks, because that is what parents listened to circa mid to late 1980's. Well along with those albums, many songs by the Eagles accompanied me on family vacations and other such stuff, and to me, this increases the song's personal valuef. Many songs that are great songs on their own are made 100 times better if it takes you back somewhere, to some memory lost in time, connected to the present only through the song. Music is powerful and timeless, and I feel this to be extremley fucking important (the f-curse is needed for emphasis). So if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you did not have a childhood...or maybe my opinion doesnt matter, which is much more yeah back to lesbien romance novels...I think the covers are both witty and appealing to potential lesbiens. By potential lesbiens I am referring to the vast amount of woman who 'discovered' their sexuallity from these books. I think it is rad that such books can break such strict social bullshit, and bring out true and natural feelings or tendencies. On a side note, October is flying by...does time even exist anymore?

Oct 20 - Well i haven't really caught up with the readings since EVERYTHING was due, and i don't really know what I want to talk about but feel the need to write anyways. We watched Degrassi in tutorial last week, and this probed some discussion about issues represented in television and the like. It made me realize that things have changed a fair bit, and that different situations are played out on TV nowadays. A year and a bit in university has given me mixed feelings about our generation, namely (us) the fortunate teens who have made it to university. On a positive note, this is a great age , and people are fun and interesting and everyone has something different and unique about them. On a negative note, a lot of people are come across as  useless in the present because they focus too much on their future. In class we talk about many theorists from way back when, and i like to judge the 'theory' that i am exposed to as a young adult. It is an obvious fact that many people in university come from well off homes, and there is nothing wrong with that, but i also notice that a lot of people want to be placed right into their parent's position without learning what I feel you need to learn at this age. Simple things, mistakes, taking care of yourself (we are now on our own for the rest of our life), good choices, bad choices, socializing with people, spontanity, and other struggles that accompany this age. I think that acheiving success in life will be 100 times better if  make your own choices and your own mistakes first. This generation often tries to save the world with preachy statements or conversations, and that is a good thing, but don't ignore the direct world around you. I'm not generalizing, but on a daily basis i witness littering, wasted food, ignorance, and sloth-like attitude... yes part of being a teenager, but not THE essential factor. Of course i am not excluding myself from this, I am a part of this, and this has created this rant-like entry. I just wonder if we are like this because of our upbringing, or the media, or a combination? I mean there are movies and t.v shows that contain butlers and rich teens partying on their parent's money - without a care in the world... they know they will make it in this world because their parents will ensure this. This is a confusing age, and this entry confuses me - mainly because i dont know if i am being too extreme with what i am saying, or not extreme enough...all i really wanted to do is connect the carelessness i see on popular teen shows and movies, to some of the bullshit i see day to day. Maybe the bullshit is a product of confusion, i hope that is the case, because i know our generation has a bright future, we have to, or i think some serious danger will lie ahead in the future. Consumption, consumption, consumption is not sustainable...i've lost track now, and must stop for the sake of all that is sacred.

Oct 22 - Okay, well it seems as though lots is goin down in this class at the moment, and i have the brief version of everything, but not a great understanding, so im gonna take a stab at interpretive communities because i think thats pretty straight forward.  Well i can think of two major events in my life that entered me into an interpretive community that i guess i still kind of live in today, but not as much as back in high school. The first event was when i decided to make use out of my Dad's drums sitting in the basement as a kid. Playing along to some straight 4/4 beats from the likes of Styx and Elton John's "Crocodile Rock", I fell in love (not with E.John, but the instrument itself...) I had the rhythm in my blood, and it was one of the greatest choices I have ever made. The second event was purcasing the Mighty Mighty Bosstone's "Let's Face It" CD. This album was an entry point into the world of punk and ska music, combining this with the drums, I eventually ended up in a ska/punk band, and another to follow. For about 5 years I played in bands and played all over Ontario, often times with the same bands and same crowds. To me, this is an interpretive community, people at the same venues with the same musical interests and many of the same viewpoints. You would even see the same people at shows in Toronto, when some of the universal punk rock favorites would roll by. When I look back now, I realize that this community was often kind of elitist, not associaiting with the likes of ginos or your suburban white thugs.....but a lot of good also came out of it. This scene opened me up to new ideas, and helped me to avoid becoming Johnny Six-pack the womanizing homophobe..(six-pack as in beer)...who I see everyday pushin around his "broad" and laughing with his cool-dude buds...anyways back on track....I left this community for the first real time when coming to university...I didnt know many of the venues in London, and many of my new friends didnt share the same interest in music (which isnt a bad thing because I have lots of friends who don't and lots who do, I just like sharing conversation better with the ones who do). The first time , actually the first two times, I saw bands in London (Andrew W.K and the Planet Smashers/Mustard Plug), I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. I even saw people from my hometown who were up just to see the Planet Smashers...It was a good feeling..........I'm sure that I'm a part of other interpretive communities with other people, but they do not matter as much to me, and I guess my music one has weakened a lot as it has spread out much much more since early high school (there is not much music I don't like now)...but basically this community was a good thing, just as some imagined ones are...I mean, I'm a big fuckin music nerd, and being part of a music-related interpretive community throughout my confused teenage days was a big help, and helped to create the person I am today (not to give music a bad name,,,,ha ha get it?), but really though, mad props to interpretive communities. If I have things a little confused in regards to this theory, than I am sorry, and don't quote this on the final exam or nothin, cause I know the millions of people that read this want to....the end.

Waiting in dire anticipation for the sick-tight onslaught of amazing bands approaching this wonderful city come November.......I'll be there with bells on...

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Oct 26 - Well, lots of interesting possibilites to discuss on this dreary Sunday...I'm feelin kinda fed up with a lot of things. First off the discussion boards, they are becoming obvious statements, disguised with big words in hopes of sounding like the ultimate cultural theory master. And then there is the extreme opposite, arguments and discussions about other things, non-course related, with harsh evil words, and mindless statements. I took part in the latter of the two only because i was offended by a little of it (mainly the statement about only being able to do anything within the faculty if you are friends withthe MIT 'elite'- bullshit). But really, i think the board needs a revolution...Secondly, I'm sick of the masonville area. From Western Road and Richmond, and the square kilometre or 2 that surrounds said area. I -needed- to go there on a Saturday, and that was the worst thing i could ever do. People fighting for parking spots like its life or death, putting on their signals from meters away to ensure that once the next car pulls out, then the spot is theirs. The traffic was so bad that i wished I had Super Mario in my passenger seat hucking red turtleshells at the endless cars preventing me from getting home. But complaining is useless, that is the way certain areas are, and if I dont like it I shall not return at busy times - and I wont. That is the point of the post so far, complaining about many things that are often complained about, is pretty much useless. And this also ties into the discussion postings, where this often occurs. Lastly, there was something on the board about acting your age, and it was responded to by what i guess was a stereotype of a university student? or something, I'm not really sure what the point of it was, but it seemed as though it was mocking the social aspect of university, or as I like to call it "fun". I didnt respond on the board because that would add to the stupidity of a place where creative thoughts should gather, and my post would not be creative. Anyways, I want to finish by emphasizing the importance of going out with friends and having a good time. Maybe that isn't everyone's cup of tea, and everyone has a different idea of fun, but i like to go out to bars with friends and have fun. This is where a lot of people-experience comes from, and real life situations occur, like talking to real people. Bars aren't the ideal place for this, but when i say going out, i mean anything or anywhere really. So yeah, If that post was knocking the social nightlife that goes hand in hand with university, than i'm a little confused. University isn't all books, essays, and tests. You have to combine that with the outside world. That is why Ivey sucks, because it isolates one from the outside world so that they only know business and nothing else. There are exceptions to this, but not in relation to anyone I know who goes or has graduated from there.

Oct 28 - Two things of somewhat relevence to discuss today. Number one. I think i have a fear of malls that I become comfortable with. I'm not sure if i do, but i notice that whenever I need to get something, I go somewhere that I am not familiar with. This happened with my mall at home, when i realized i'd rather drive an extra 15 minutes to go to another one...and it happened today where I didn't feel like going to Masonville, so I drived to White Oaks. Maybe I'm messed up, or maybe it makes sense. One theory may be that I don't like running into people at the mall. Any other place is cool, but not the mall for some reason. It seems like you or the person you run in to has somewhere to go, something to do or buy. I don't think I like to mix my social life with the mall for some reason. Another theory could be that no one cares about me talking about malls...A very probable theory, and if I was a theory card, I think that would be an important one. Today it worked out for the better, I got the gift I needed, and found two kick-ass posters for myself that I feel are somewhat of a rarity. Secondly, today's class owned. Ever since I was a youngster I have enjoyed monster movies, sci-fi, and horror. I remember watching the classics as a kid, like the original Dracula and all that, as well as stuff like Godzilla and Gremlins. As I got older I found enjoyment in slasher movies and what not, so relating that to the Plato theories was pretty cool in my books. That cave analogy was awesome, and it can be apllied to so many aspects of everyday life, especially movies. When you think about it, there are so many common references and elements, as well as representations throughout the genre. After talking about the sirens, I thought of a whole bunch of movies that this is seen in, and there really are a lot within the genre. I also liked the discussion about Halloween history and the need for expression and rebellion for a short period of time. Also the fascination with being something or someone else. I may think about this on Halloween night whilst dressed up...or maybe I won't think about school, and more about getting drunk because I will probably end up acting my age (reference to previous post, unnessacary as it is). Last night I was watching two movies, Donnie Darko and Friday the 13th the Final Chapter, and it's funny how movies can relate to things and get you excited for things. It's the same with Christmas movies, they add so much to the Chirstmas atmosphere.  So what is the point of this post you may ask? Well that is a story for a whole new day.