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Nov 5 - So yeah, it's November now. How fun. Worst month ever, in my opinion. Halloween and the autumn weather is gone, and the festive joy of Christmas is 2 months away. November has nothing going for it. Halloween is over and was fun. My friend and I were Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue. It ruled. I noticed though that not many kids came around. I have noticed this for the last few years, maybe the event is dying down. Maybe parents are more cautious now, or who knows. I have a feeling that once our generation has children, it will come back, because we were so used to it and all - and the children of the Baby Boomers. So a lot of content has been covered since I have written in here. I don't really feel like talking about any of it because November sucks, and my motivation is slowly dying, and will be covered with long, cold, snowy walks. Don't get me wrong, I like the snow, but it gets So yeah, feminism eh. I think feminism needs some reformations. I'm all about equality, and the name 'feminism" in my opinion goes against equality. Both men and woman are affected by social stigma these days, and a name or an idea focused more on equality is a better idea. I have read different feminist publications and listened to different friends of mine who are feminists, and a lot of time i catch traces of 'male bashing'. I know for a fact that this isn't what feminism is based on, but I guess it is hard sometimes to avoid it. Men cause problems, and so do women. So the bottomline is that people cause problems. Because women + men = people. And people suck, a lot of the time. Whatever, I'm not saying feminism is a bad thing, but it is like the church. It has a lot of good things goin for it, but also has its problems. Woman should be acknoweldged whether they focus on a career or raising a family - just as men should. Both are important jobs, and require much responsibility. Equality is the name of the game.

Nov 10 - I guess I will touch on some of the debate issues for this entry. I haven't really had time to look too in depthly at the readings. I'm hoping all these entries will be of some use for the diary assignment. Anyways, my tutorial only had two topics discussed last time: phone-sex and chat rooms. Neither of those are my topics. I can see how both are relevent to our culture though. I mean, how much discussion is conducted online these days? Children isolated in their rooms, from the outside world, socializing through a monitor. It's great. No but really I don't think it is. It has its ups, like cheap, fast communication - but if used too often its got a lot of problems. The phone-sex ads was the other that was discussed. I think there is no need for them outside of the time slots they already have, yet I don't really care if they enter primetime either. Phone-sex is weak, like really. Almost as weak as chat room sex I guess. What is this world coming to? Remember real people? That is all I have to say for now I think.

Nov 11 - So I'm gonna try to whip a few more of these off before the diary assignment approaches. Today was a lecture about video game culture. I used to play video games a fair bit as a kid, but not so much now. The odd time i'll play with housemates or at a friends house, or if i'm into a game like zelda or whatever, but other than that, not all that much. That video clip, with the counterstrike nerds kind of scared me. So obsessed with an element of false reality, its kind of weird. Maybe they eventually grow out of it, maybe they grow up to work at microplay, or maybe even worse than that. How can so much of someone's life, at that age, revolve around a computer game. Maybe this is the new thing for children and young teenagers. I dunno. I seem to remember playing outside a lot as a kid, sure I played video games, but I never made my own "clans" and entered contests. I guess that was  a small population of 'gamers' as well, and to base all this judgement around that is a little extreme. Video games can be fun, and allow you to escape reality and be something else for a bit. But i stress the "for a bit". In my opinion, it is harmful to become to captivated with a game, especially at a younger age. Wait, Anyways, maybe I'll revisit some games and play them some more, or maybe I won't, but i enjoyed the lecture either way.