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I Hate my Job

I'm sick of working for Micky "D"
Always dumping his shit on me
Got my fuckin ten cent raise
Saw my paycheck I'm still in a daze
Worked 40 hours, got paid for 3
It's just micky "D" dumping on me

My job's giving people bad gas
It's never any fun, it's never a blast
It sucks big fat hairy goat ass
My job's giving people bad gas

What they put in the chicken anyway?
It made me sick so I'm staying home today
Ronald's just lucky I don't sue his ass
'Cause big macs give me big mac gas
Slipped on grease, got hit by a mop
Think of two words workers comp

The hours I work just can't be beat
Yeah right, I'd rather eat shit off the street
Busting my ass, working day and night
Even stealing food I make is a god damn fight
They never give me anything for free
Just minimum wage and a lower dignity