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Concrete Wave

Well you gotta love the feeling
Of cruising down the street
Making funny faces
"Fuck off" is the way you greet
Rolling around on a summer's day
Stopping here and there to show off,
And getting your ass out of there
When the cop tells you to stop!

Riding the concrete wave
Riding around all day
Rolling through the business district
Get your suit and tie out of my way

Pedestrians know your coming
14 blocks down the street
They can hear you swearing
And feel the rumble in their feet
Next thing you know
You're passing them or riding over their toes
Skipping school to session downtown
When you skate the time just flows

How much would life suck?
it wouldn't be any fun,
if we couldn't ride skateboards
underneath the sun
And there's nothing else in the summer I like to do
'cause I quit playing basketball in 1992...