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Cheers to Corporate Media

You feed me all this bullshit that I don't really need
Put a damper on my life with all your fucking greed
I see your ugly face when I turn on the TV
Or listen to the radio, read a book or magazine
What do i have to do to rid you from my eyes
All the shit you show me is gonna lead to my demise
You influence the public and you wreck my personal life
Destrying people's privacy and killing off young minds

All my fucking life I've been sinking in your grasp
Buying all your bullshit and taking all your crap
Your grip is like and addiction, like heroin or nicotine
Selling your blindfold and your reality smoke screen

You glorify hate and anger and violence on the street
Causing far more problems than any solution could meet
You display your goods and items and things that make you rich
Can't you see that's bullshit and real life is a bitch