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*Updated bio pic coming soon*

Name: Brian Fauteux
Role: Drums
Birthday: Sept/8/1983
Favorite bands/music: Ska, Punk, reggae, 60's/70's rock type stuff. Bands such as Operation Ivy, Rancid, SUBLIME, Suicide Machines, Choking Victim, Specials, Leftover Crack, Bob Marley, Anti-Flag, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Distillers, The Who, Bouncing Souls, the doors, AFI, The Police, The Clash, Beatles, H2O, Spinecracker, pretty much everything.....
Favorite quote: "One good thing about music, When it hits you feel no pain, So hit me with music, Hit me with music now" (Marley)
Musical influences: Keith Moon, Stewert Copeland, Bud Gaugh
Marital Status: this age?????????
Future plans: To keep on rockin' in the free world...

ICQ# 18114173