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The origins of Five Across the Eye can be traced back to a certain history class in the 99-00 school year. Nathan had been scouring his new school for any signs of potential band mates and had until then come up empty handed. That is until he sat down beside a tall, slightly lanky kid in a NOFX shirt and a sessions hat...a certain kid who we have all learned to call, Jared. The whole band conversation got started and Jared went over to Nathan's to play some songs. Who would have thought a lanky goofy guy like that could play bass the way Jared does. Soon after, a drummer by the name of Gary was recruted and boom, 5ATE was born (sortta).

That summer the band did...nothing. Then in September, Nathan got the band on an opening slot for Mugshot at Who's Emma and things started up. Shortly after this show, the band fired Gary due to personalty clashes and musical differences.

Next in line was Ryan. With Ryan the band released a sloppy but decent 9 song demo and before they knew it, shows started coming in. The highlight of the "Ryan days" was an opening slot with Lookout Records recording artists, Ann Beretta. After a couple more shows, Ryan got a little wierd after a breakup with a girl (ugh fuck) and decided to concentrate on his pop-punk project, Jerkstore, so bye bye Ryan.

As luck would have it, a certain Aurora ska-punk band, by the name of 8-E-D was falling apart at about the same time, leaving their drummer, Brian, out of business. 5ATE had invited him over to try him out on guitar before Ryan had left and during that little jam he had taken the drums and fucking killed'em. So he was our next obvious choice for the drums. Bing bang boom, the band was back in business and playing about once or twice a week for much of the summer, that was rad. School comes again and we decide we need something more. Like some horns or something. We try a couple of kids but that doesn't seem to work until one day we figure, "how about another guitar?" Cue Adam, also formerly from 8-E-D (only he played bass in that band). He had some skills and to all of our surprise he had some nutty fucking stage energy which he showed in Newmarket at Punktoberfest 3. Now, the band is planning bigger and better things, recently getting some label support from Anti-Fun Records and finally getting down to business...keep on rockin...

more to come soon....