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Bigger Disease

Throw down your gun and your bullet proof vest,
'cause it's going to be pollution putting our kind to the test,
piles of rotten garbage and human born E-coli,
will be our final fate, be the means by which we die,
a slimy, cancerous waste glowing green on the street,
radiating pain and suffering burning beneath my feet,
spraying healthy crops with a toxic pesticide,
leacing in my liver run for cover duck and hide!

and I see piles of people falling down and dying around me,
and I fear this is fast becoming a bigger disease,
and I worry about the young and old and about you and me,
and I fear this is fast becoming a bigger disease,

Is it too late to clean up this stink?
or will we just watch another species go extinct,
is it fuckin worth it just to bask in our own greed?
spraying down more chemicals just to kill a weed,
burning dirty garbage makes feel less than well,
and the quicker we all die the quicker we all burn in hell,
I wish this would all stop and we all die off fast,
so future generations don't have to look back on this past.

people driving stink in a car and a truck
within a walking distance is it worth it, what the fuck
am I gonna tell my kids when I tell'em what we destroyed
as we played with mother earth like an expendable toy,
will they want to hear it will they understand,
as future generations look across a barren land,
polluted by the people that the land treated so well,
who then turned there backs and raised a burning hell.